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Crystal Clear Treatment

Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion

Crystal Clear is known as “The celebrities favourite treatment”.
It has been made very popular partly because it is such a good treatment which delivers instantly younger looking skin in minutes, and also because it is favoured by a whole host of celebrities.

These include Victoria Beckham, Madonna, Kate Moss, Elle McPherson and many many more. Male clients include David Beckham and Matt LeBlanc.

The process is very relaxing and painless. You will have slightly pink skin afterwards but there is no “down time” associated with advanced beauty treatments.

The whole facial should take about 45 minutes.

A course of 5 or 10 treatments is recommended for best results.

Or if you already have great skin, perhaps if you are going on holiday or have an important event coming up and you need a boost to look and feel your best!

How it works
  • Beauty Flash
    This means an overall light exfoliation of the skin, which gives you a fresh, healthy glow in 10 minutes. The micro crystals gently remove dead skin cells thus revealing smoother, more youthful looking skin.
  • Correction
    The next step means going over areas of concern. For instance, blemishes, scars, fine lines, and blackheads. which need more attention.
  • Lifting Mask
    This cooling, hypo allergenic Masque replaces lost moisture to the skin, cools the skin after the microdermabrasion and gives you an instant lift.
  • Vacuum Lift
    After the masque has been removed (which peels of in one easy movement) we then go over the whole face again just using the vacuum action of the machine. This gives your complexion more lift, ideal for a special occasion. We finish with Crystal Clear moisturisers containing SPF 15.
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