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Onix Brazilian Blow Dry

Onix Brazilian Keratin

Onix by Keraspa Brazil is known as the Brazilian blow out, BKT, Brazilian Keratin Treatment and a few other names. It´s a semi permanent smoothing treatment which lasts 3-4 months and wears out of the hair gradually when your hair returns to it,s natural state. It makes the hair soft shiny and frizz free, it´s not really a straightener as such more a hair taming system. Excellent on very curly hair to take Away the frizz but not the curls.

Onix Brazilian Keratin process

The product is left on wet hair after being shampooed for up to 1 hour.  Then blow dry and straighten the hair carefully which seals the keratin into the cuticle or outside of the hair. It´s best to leave the product in your hair overnight and rinse in the morning (it used to be 3 days)! You will be delighted at how easy your hair is to manage.

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